Energy efficiency: Primary goal for ENOC

Energy efficiency: Primary goal for ENOC

/ News & Interviews / Wednesday, 06 November 2019 10:26

In his role as Chief Executive Officer of ENOC Group, Saif Humaid Al Falasi spearheads the Group’s business strategy and operational excellence locally and internationally in alignment with the vision and plans of the Government of Dubai. During his visit at WETEX, Energy Review was able to get an exclusive interview with Al Falasi to discuss the latest achievements of the group from energy efficiency to their newest digital venture ENOC Link.

What are the innovative energy efficiency measures implemented across ENOC Group? And how do you achieve them to get great savings?

When we look into energy efficiency, we look at it from many different areas. Some of the efficiency is measured by the customers, some of it is calculated from the services and the quality we provide. Yet the part we consider the most important and take it as our priority is the efficiency in our EHS service (ENOC Environmental, Health and Safety) because our main field of work consists on dealing with oil and gas services and products. So safety is key when providing services and when dealing with our customers, from the very start of our operations all the way from refinery, to the terminal, to the retails. This is what differentiates our products from other companies in the energy industry. The second thing is that we are always there for our customers. The efficiency is having supply available all the time, and not letting customers worry about the oil price being high or low. The customers require service stability. The people here only see the end of the product, however they don't see the whole process. So we were able to show efficiency in the quality of our products and in the safety we provide.

In addition, we have spent a lot of money in our retail stations to make sure that they are safe for the people, and equipped with the latest technologies and to be from the best digital ventures.

We also have to mention the energy efficiency from solar panel installations we have in our stations. We don't want to be like an old-fashioned, traditional energy provider. People for example now try to use energy sustainably, which is why we also try to cut down carbon emission. Installing solar panels doesn’t only make us a more modern company, but it also gives us more stability.

How can you describe the energy sector in the MENA region?

From our side, it has been a challenge in the last 2 years to establish a 6-months forecast for the future of energy because it is all related to geopolitics. So it has been really difficult for us due to the volatility of oil price. However, the supply is there. We don't see at the time being any shortage in supply, but challenges remain due to price instability caused by geopolitics over the last 2 years. We are concerned because in our case, we buy and sell, we buy the product, treat it, and then sell it which is not the case of other E&P companies who produce and sell. So we have been effected by the volatility of oil prices. On another note, with the development of new technologies, digital ventures, and solar panels, we can see the good impact they’re making but it is slow. We will not see a major difference before 15 years maybe. For the next 5 years, it will be small, but it is important to start because when you know something is going to give you positive outcomes within 15 years and you don’t do it, it will be too late to start later.

‘Next’, the group's digital accelerator program, launched earlier ENOC Link. What can you tell us about this new innovative digital venture?

It is part of our strategy that we spent a lot of study in it in order for us to be part of the future, knowing that the future will be focused on the technology in the digital venture. So we spent a lot of time to create a program which is called the ENOC Next. Two projects came out of that program which are ENOC Link and Beema. The concept of ENOC Link is not new, it is already available worldwide, but we wanted to take our time before launching it because we want to give a complete digital system to our customers. So now you have many benefits when using ENOC Link such as the delivery service, RFID… So the whole thing is a cycle available in the digital venture. ENOC Link will also help the community in minimizing the rush of cars into our stations. The bigger the vehicles such as buses and trucks, the heavier the rush. We came up with this solution so that these big-sized vehicles won’t have to come to the stations and interrupt the flow of other mid- and small-sized vehicles.

So we will be going to their location, fill their vehicles and it will also be to their benefit. So we have the full cycle, and we took some time to make sure that our vehicle ‘ENOC Link’ is very safe for serving the customers, and fully protected. This was very important for us. We have also other projects coming in the future which I cannot name.

How important is your participation in WETEX? And why?

We have been participating in WETEX since 2012. We have been in full calibration with the WETEX management team, and it is a good ground for learning and sharing experiences. It’s true that WETEX stands for Water and Energy but we also find a lot of equipment, a lot of machinery which are coming here in this exhibition which are also part of our business. So we get access to the latest technology and we can share with others the latest technologies we have, so we find it a very interesting ground for our business and then for the others.

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