Dubai-based business leads UAE drive to improve buildings’ energy performance

Dubai-based business leads UAE drive to improve buildings’ energy performance

/ Technology & Smart Cities / Monday, 30 November 2020 08:02

Taka Solutions, the region’s leading Energy Services Company (ESCo), has confirmed that, in the year to date, over 1,000 buildings have joined the newly created energy data platform designed to help them to improve their energy efficiency, reduce wastage and save money. 

Taka Solutions’ Energy Data Platform enables users to monitor and control their building safely from afar without the need for human interaction. It provides cloud-based analytics displayed on dashboards with real-time reporting.

This news ties in with an announcement that Taka has signed an energy shared savings contract with Asteco Property Management, the region’s premier property, asset & building management company for Swiss Tower, a 40 storey office building located in Dubai’s Jumeirah Lakes Towers district. The building, which covers a net gross area of over 43,500 square meters is expected to save 13.8% of the building’s energy consumption. This is equivalent to AED 380,000 per annum or AED 1.9 million over the five-year contract period.

By successfully undertaking a Shared Savings Energy Performance Contract (SSEPC) companies can also benefit from reduced service charges in line with new RERA laws rolled out in March 2020.  The average reduction of service charges delivered from energy and maintenance savings is AED 2.9 per sq ft. Taka Solutions has been leading the UAE’s drive to help organisations, save money, reduce their carbon impact and optimise their energy efficiency returns - all at zero capital expenditure (zero CapEx) to customers.

Charles Blaschke, Director of Development & Innovation, at Taka Solutions, said, “2020 has been a dramatic year for many businesses. Yet for all the challenges it has led to an increased focus in reducing energy consumption in buildings driven, in part, by the economic pressures to be more cost-effective.  We took the opportunity to use our own IP to migrate to a fully digitised operation. It has been transformative.

“In addition to signing up so many businesses to use Taka’s Energy Data Platform, our proprietary efficiency operating system, we are delighted to confirm that we are working with Asteco to bring significant efficiencies and savings to Swiss Tower. It’s a move that will benefit both their bottom line and the environment that requires zero Capex from their side.” 

Nick White, Senior Associate Director, Owners Association, Asteco Property Management commented, “A key business issue for Asteco has been the need to closely manage the effectiveness of our buildings. The toughest piece of this puzzle has been to get on top of energy usage and building energy efficiency due to the perceived knowledge gap and cost implications on doing so.  

“Taka’s zero Capex model has enabled the implementation of energy efficiency measures at Swiss Tower at no financial risk and their Energy Data Platform means we audit, manage and control the performance of the building at the touch of a button. It’s easy to use and is bringing immediate benefits to the business.”

Taka’s Energy Data Platform (EDP) is an open-source energy efficiency operating system that maximises the value of a building through interactive, fully managed technology-led environmental systems designed to mitigate an organisation's energy spend while optimising a building’s whole-of-life energy efficiency. It allows users to:

  1. Automatically audits a building to identify savings potential without an expensive audit
  2. Instantly track and see investment returns
  3. Remotely monitor and control a building from anywhere
  4. Track energy cost reduction and where the savings come from
  5. Customise real-time energy dashboards
  6. Centralise and digitise all utility bills


Since March 2020, Taka has signed over 16 projects, including several Shared Savings Energy Performance Contracts (SSEPC) and several consultancy and technology projects, with some of the UAE’s most forward-thinking organisations including property managers, single-building users, owners association boards. Coupled with existing projects, the company is, during 2020, expected to deliver energy reduction of more than 25% across the project portfolio, representing over 14 GWh, 6,090 tons of CO2, and more than AED 6 million in actual financial savings over a 12 month period.

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