The Energy industry like so many other industries globally is undergoing change. It is utilizing and integrating emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain and Internet of Things into its existing systems in an effort to restructure its operations.  

The traditional business models within the energy ecosystem are being fundamentally reshaped and replaced by the advent of these technological advancements.

The disruptive nature of the digital transformation underway in the Energy sector represents new opportunities, and we felt it was the perfect time for us as a media platform to undergo our own journey of transformation and evolution to re-launch our fabled Energy Review publication!

Energy Review is dedicated to focusing on all the key trends and developments that are emerging from within the industry from a MENA perspective - and it is our mission to keep our readers updated with trusted and reliable information which charts the disruption that is prevalent within the energy sector.



It is our objective to address the wide-spectrum of disruption that is occurring within the Energy sector in the MENA region.

We will be covering every aspect and core element of digital transformation within the Energy industry which ranges from traditional industries such as Oil and Gas to Renewables and Technology.

Our expertise in the segment of emerging technologies provides us with the ability to project the impact the integration of these next-generation innovations and solutions will have on the energy sector.   

This knowledge is what fundamentally differentiates us from other energy media outlets.

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