Thunder Cranes CEO announces new lifting solutions for offshore industries

Thunder Cranes CEO announces new lifting solutions for offshore industries

/ Oil & Gas / Thursday, 14 November 2019 10:56

Thunder Cranes chief executive officer Chris Poheng said that it’s newest 90-ton offshore crane was the fifth generation of its portable, modular cranes, designed and upgraded to meet the needs of the offshore industry for the next 25 years.

“The TC90-05XL pedestal crane was built in partnership with Appleton Marine Inc, the USA-based API crane manufacturer, and is scheduled for delivery in Q4, 2019”.

The TC90-05XL features:

  • Combined Turret and sub-base minimize rig up and rig down time while maintaining the lightest component weight in its class.
  • Enhanced boom section connectors
  • New control panel offers better visibility for the operator with simplified controls equate to better control and placement of clients’ assets.
  • Customized hoists made by Appleton are lighter and allow for more rope capacity with enhanced line speed.
  • Different boom configurations provide clients with more options, resulting in more economically efficient lifts.

The Thunder Cranes Group has been providing offshore lifting services since 1994 and it’s latest contract is a 3-year project with Chevron Corporation supporting plug and abandonment projects in the Gulf of Thailand for some 3000 wells.

The multi-million-dollar contract with Chevron will see Thunder Cranes adding a further 3 brand new TC90XL cranes to its fleet, making Thunder Cranes the largest operator of offshore rental cranes in the Asia-Pacific region and just one of only four providers of self-lifting offshore cranes globally.

“Apart from Malaysia and Brunei, Thailand has been a focal point for Thunder Cranes since our entry into the market a decade ago and this latest award demonstrates the reputation we have successfully built in the region. In the next 6 to 12 months we will be expanding further and bidding on several major project contracts in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Vietnam and Indonesia.” said Poheng.

“Providing an extremely niche service can make marketing Thunder Cranes a challenge, but when given the opportunity to provide solutions and demonstrate our capabilities, clients often find Thunder Cranes invaluable to their projects,” said Poheng.

According to Poheng, it is a combination of unique innovations in its crane technology, as well as its experienced, highly-trained personnel, that gives Thunder Cranes its edge and makes it a globally competitive player.  "Delivering operational efficiencies for our clients means continuously developing both our crane technology and our human capital", said Poheng.

In addition, Poheng said the deployment of portable cranes offshore requires highly trained and experienced staff: “As important as the technology is, the deployment of portable cranes offshore requires highly trained and experienced staff – it is a real skill."

For Thunder Cranes, growing and developing its employees' skills is a priority that leads to success.  “To be a global company, our customers should expect the same standards wherever we go.  We do this by training our people and creating a positive workplace culture with a view to having great staff retention over time. Staff retention means more experienced, knowledgeable and safer personnel, and ultimately the productivity that our clients appreciate,” said Poheng.

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