DEWA: Harnessing Digital Advancements for Superior Customer Experiences

DEWA: Harnessing Digital Advancements for Superior Customer Experiences

/ News & Interviews / Wednesday, 01 November 2023 09:55

In an exclusive interview, Mohamed Obaid Alsharid, Chief Digital Officer at DEWA, discussed the company’s various digital initiatives aligned with providing enhanced customer experiences.

How is DEWA utilizing the current emerging technologies to ensure seamless services in increasingly digitized communities?

DEWA is always at the forefront of implementing the latest technologies. We have a complete digital transformation strategy and program that we're working on. By the end of September 2023, adoption of DEWA's smart services reached 99%. An example of our AI-powered projects is Rammas - a virtual assistant designed to help answer queries and service transactions of DEWA customers. Rammas was launched in 2017 and it has completed over 6.8 million enquiries and transactions until the end of 2022. Six months ago, we launched the beta version of our generative AI model, Rammas ChatGPT, which is available on our website and app for users to experience. DEWA is the first utility in the world to utilise ChatGPT technology for customer services, alongside AI-supported robotic solutions. We have a 95% Happiness rating on this channel. In addition, we have other generative AI projects related to document processing, data analysis and technical submissions of certain RFPs where we compare different tender proposals using a generative AI model.  Currently, we are implementing over 10 use cases using this model within DEWA to enhance our internal services.

As the COP28 approaches, what has been DEWA’s main focus within its various service offerings?

Since our inception, DEWA has been championing the implementation of sustainable solutions and serving sustainability objectives. All our services are being provided to our customers in collaboration with partners from the public and private sectors, using digital channels. Today, DEWA’s smart adoption rate for its services has reached 99%. The smart adoption rate initiative is directly serving the sustainability objectives and goals. We are a Principal Pathway Partner of COP28, and we have developed major projects and strategic initiatives that are aligned to its program and agenda. DEWA works to balance economic development with preserving the environment. This is accomplished by increasing the share of renewable and clean energy in Dubai’s energy mix, enhancing performance, and improving energy efficiency.

What are DEWA’s upcoming projects that the people of Dubai can expect in the time ahead?

This year, we are showcasing our latest proactive and safe innovative digital services, programs, and initiatives. DEWA is also highlighting the projects and solutions of Digital DEWA, the digital arm of DEWA, through which DEWA is disrupting the entire business of public utilities and contributing to building a new digital future for Dubai. We are continuously enhancing our Rammas initiative and I encourage our customers to experience and provide feedback on this channel as much as they can. We are experimenting with a project called DEWAVerse – a new channel designed for our customers to have an immersive AR/VR experience to complete DEWA services in the metaverse.

Another initiative called the ‘Voice of Customer’ allows us to conduct instant sentiment analysis of our customers to better understand their concerns. Furthermore, Happiness KPIs on our social media, Happiness Centre, Contact Centers and other channels are all aggregated and consolidated into one dashboard to create a descriptive action plan for our internal teams to enhance those services and channels for DEWA.

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