Emerson: Driving Sustainability and Operational Efficiency for Industries

Emerson: Driving Sustainability and Operational Efficiency for Industries

/ News & Interviews / Friday, 11 November 2022 10:08

In an exclusive interview with Energy Review, Anil Ajith, global strategic sales & projects director at Emerson MEA, shares his company’s offerings in providing safer, greener, and more efficient automation and project optimization solutions for industrial projects.

Please share with us Emerson’s areas of operation in the MENA region.

As a multinational corporation that leads the automations industry, Emerson recognizes its influence in pioneering solutions that can make the world safer, smarter, and more sustainable. We have a strong focus on automation solutions around the process industries which includes hydrocarbons, chemicals, power and water, the hybrid space with metals & mining and in the discrete and factory automation space. Emerson has the broadest portfolio across the automation technology stack, from the measurement instrumentation to the control & safety systems, to finally the optimization software layer of our customers operations. Across the world area, we are almost 1,600 people strong, operating out of all major markets in the Middle East and Africa region.

There are a lot of emerging technologies entering the industry space in recent times. How is Emerson incorporating those into its service offerings?

As mentioned, Emerson offers the broadest portfolio of Automation Technology to its customers, and to that effect has brought several first to the world technologies within the control systems, measurement instrumentation, as well as valves and regulator technologies. Emerson has been contributing to the digitalization of operating plant environments for decades, even before industry consciousness has shifted towards “Digital Transformation”.

Today, our advanced digital technologies are helping operators understand their operations better through cost effective and versatile wireless networks that are enhancing visibility in existing plants. These insights are helping our customers monitor the health of critical equipment such as heat exchangers, boilers, furnaces and pumps, and helping them optimize critical processes within their plant.

Operational data can also be leveraged by newer technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Emerson’s software offering is helping customers collect, contextualize, and organize operational data in a way that is suitable for analytics and machine learning that is detecting new ways of optimizing client operations.

As the industry moves towards goals around sustainability and decarbonization, our technologies are helping customers reduce energy use, reduce emissions in their operations and decarbonize their operations.

How is Emerson planning to position itself as an enabler in the energy sector?

Emerson is one of the top automation companies in the region that has a direct manufacturing presence. We have a significant manufacturing footprint in Jebel Ali spread over 50,000 square meters, which has capabilities around control systems staging, fiscal metering systems, measurement instrumentation and control valves manufacturing. Our customers frequently require emergency parts and product support, and our facilities also have QuickShip capabilities to support these requirements.   We also have a similar capability in Saudi Arabia, where our manufacturing footprint is supporting a large variety of industries, from upstream oil & gas to refining & chemicals, power & water, and many others.

Our local manufacturing capability, technology expertise, and service footprint in the Middle East & Africa region is helping our customers operate their plants in a more safe, efficient and profitable manner.

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